Design and Planning

Design and Planning are key

Software development is complex, because it is intangible, depends on a high degree of communication and it has to cope with rapid emerging technologies. Front and center for Software Design and Planning are the customer”s Software Requirement Specifications.

software Requirement Specifications

The Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) is a single source of “truth”, that every member of the team  will follow. 

It is your plan of action and keeps everybody from the development and operations side on the same page.

Software Requirements Specification (source Software Requirements by Karl Wiegers Joy Beatty)
Example of a Agile / Scrum planning tool


Planning is organizing the software development process to make sure client and user requirements are met. 

For smaller and simpler projects, we prefer to work according the classical linear water fall method.  When complexity increases, which is the case with more flexible and iterative Agile methods, we will adapt to that.


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